Need Business Legal Guidance

Seek guidance from our business law attorney in Lansing, MI

Every company should have a business law attorney on retainer. Lansing Legal Group, PLLC can provide you with business legal guidance, help resolve disputes and enforce contracts when necessary.
We focus on the needs of small- and mid-size businesses in the Lansing, MI area. Reach out today to speak with a business law attorney about contract dispute legal assistance, construction contract lawyer assistance, estate planning legal assistance or eviction legal assistance.

More than just a business law firm

Although we focus on providing legal guidance to business owners in the Lansing, MI area, our legal services aren't limited to business law. We can assist you with...

  • Real estate law matters:We can represent you in a dispute, help you close on a home and help you understand the terms of a contract.
  • Property management law matters: Want to evict a problem tenant? We can help you do so without violating their rights.
  • Estate planning and probate law matters: Whether you need to create an estate plan or settle a loved one's affairs, we can alleviate the stress of the legal process.

We've worked hard to keep our legal services affordable. Contact us today to learn about our rates.

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